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‘The Vulva Chronicles’ Vernissage at Venus Envy

2017-07-07 @ 8:30 pm

About the event: The event starts at 20:30 and will be located at Venus Envy (a physically accessible space). There will be non-alcoholic drinks and gluten-free vegan snacks (prices to be determined). All profits made from the food and drink sales will go towards the ‘Venus Envy Bursary Fund’. The event has no cover, so if you have the funds, feel free to donate money by buying drinks and food, donate money towards the Venus Envy chest binder fund, or simply buy art!

About the artist: Joëlle White is a bilingual, queer, white, intersectional feminist, born and raised in Ottawa, unceeded and unsurrendered Algonquin territory. They are a writer and an artist; their exploration of art has helped them navigate through trauma, as well as the complexities of addiction and mental illness.

About the art: ‘The Vulva Chronicles’ consists of watercolour paintings of vulvas and nude bodies, as well as wax crayon self-portraits. Their art began as a personal project, at a time where they felt shame and dysphoria regarding their own body. Modern North American media only shows a certain type of vulva and body type, which are put on a pedestal. Whatever doesn’t resemble that is seen as flawed and imperfect, thus worthy of shame (including body hair). So their personal art project started in a way to make peace with their body, and also in the hopes of allowing folks to feel at peace with theirs, because vulvas and bodies come in all different shapes, sizes and colours, with various forms of body hair, and there is no such thing as the perfect vulva or body. Their art isn’t meant to beautify or sexualize, it is meant to show different types of vulvas, vaginas, clits, body hair and bodies, in order to “normalize” the variety of genitals and bodies out there. It is also important to note that vulvas do not equate womanhood, because not all women have vulvas, and not all people with vulvas are women: sex and gender are not the same thing, and there are a multitude of people of different genders that have vulvas. If you have any questions regarding this subject, Venus Envy is the perfect place to educate yourself!


8:30 pm


Venus Envy Ottawa
226 Bank St.
Ottawa, K2P 1X1 CA
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