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Just Paint

2020-05-21 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

JUST PAINT is one of the JUST DESIGN workshops held at Collabo Café. Alongside JUST DRAW, JUST PAINT will give students and aspiring artists a chance to practice a craft with direct input and tips from a professional in that field at an accessible price.

JUST PAINT is hosted by Kina Forney. Kina is an emerging multidisciplinary artist based in Ottawa, Ontario. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts with distinction from the University of Concordia in Montreal in 2009 and co-founded Artawa a local meetup group for aspiring artists.

A custom curriculum that prioritizes fundamentals and engages students allows Kina to keep new talent motivated while also working on the important core foundations of painting.

JUST PAINT is $30 a session and works as a one-off class OR, for the keener painters, as a bi-weekly class with a structured curriculum. All materials are provided and anyone over the age of 13 is welcome to participate!

Hosted every second Thursday at Collabo Cafe, grab a brush and JUST PAINT.

Class #1| February, 27th 2020: Blending and Gradients
An intro to using acrylic paints for newcomers where an experimental space is provided to feel
out the medium and get a sense of the texture, fluidity and flow of acrylic paints with brushes.
Students will create blended gradients from one colour to the next on the canvas.

Class #2| March 5th, 2020: Light Sources and Value Studies
In representational painting, discerning light sources are fundamental in describing forms and
depth. Using simple shapes, we will create value studies to illustrate a light source on a 3D

Class #3| March 26th, 2020: Colour Mixing & Matching
The best way to understand how to create a desired colour is to know how to manipulate the
primaries. Here we will take a creative approach to producing a colour wheel. Also, students are
encouraged to use what they learn from the colour wheel to try to mix new colours matching a
given set of swatches.

Class #4| April 9th, 2020: Still Life Painting
A still life will be set up in the center of the work space and students are encouraged to
reproduce the setting on canvas using fundamentals previously learned. The importance of
learning to ‘see’, measuring negative space and pinpointing light sources will be covered.

Class #5| April 23rd, 2020: Painting from Photo
Students will be reproducing a subject from photograph. Painting from photo is the most
common way to utilize different references in an artistic practice. Discussion of what makes a
good composition and how to reproduce colours will be emphasized.

Class #6| May 7th, 2020: Mix Media & Collage
An exploration of adding different media to the canvas. Students will be introduced to adding
different textures and materials to a canvas using gel mediums, gesso, and pastes to apply
textured paper, found materials or objects to the canvas.

Class #7| May 21st, 2020: Clouds & Skies
At this point in the course, students may either choose to pursue a longer-term project or
continue with examples provided. A paint-along style approach will be taken to reproducing a
sky-scape of clouds. This study will incorporate the use of composition, light source and value,
as well as intermediate colour mixing and blending skills.

Class #8| June 4th, 2020: Speed Painting
Inspired by my years participating in Art Battle, we will go over how to use paint as a sketching
medium to produce artwork quickly. Using a sample image, students will learn how to reproduce
it several times in the most efficient way possible, breaking the image down to its fundamental
elements. Importance is placed on practice and eliminating the notion that all artwork produced
is precious; that good work comes from repetition.


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


108 third avenue
Ottawa, K1S2J8 CA
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