2018-07-08 – The giant update

Some updates!

Artawa has grown to be quite an amazing community that has grown significantly over the past couple of years. We’ve created more than art – we’ve also created friendships and a mutual trust in one another over this period of time.

For a large part of this time period it has been 98%* just the two of us (Kina Forney & Brad Nox) building this idea and slowwwwly getting the website together. The time is right, finally, for us to stop being stubborn and to reach out to you to help contribute. (*Shoutout to all of you who have made the effort already along the way – you know who you are and expect specific mentions in the future! <3 )

The goal of Artawa from the start was simply to build a non-exclusive community of artists that encourages and rewards participation and to help advance the overall art community in the NCR (National Capital Region, for those unfamiliar).

SO! We will be accomplishing this by offering a membership system that can be paid for OR volunteered for in a number of ways. See below for the nitty gritty:


We will be creating an Artawa membership (details subject to change) that will come in a few tiers to provide some core services to our artists:


  • All members will be eligible to participate in Artawa shows (space permitting)
  • All members will receive free or discounted access to Artawa-hosted special events


  • All of the benefits of the Basic membership
  • A basic artist page hosted on the Artawa.ca site (https://artawa.ca/artists/)

Silver (limited amount will be available)

  • All of the benefits of the Plus membership
  • A domain name & hosting for 1 year
  • A basic website portfolio template will be provided that you will manage
  • A basic shopping cart will be provided that you will manage

Gold (limited amount will be available)

  • All of the benefits of the Silver membership
  • Managed content support for the website & shopping cart

Community Engagement

How does one become a member? GET INVOLVED. Or throw money at it. Your choice, no judgement.

Funding for Artawa will be first be used to provide the services offered. Any funds left over will then be reinvested into the group in a number of ways to help further support the art community such as via funding local art creation, participating in art events, buying art supplies for area schools, and so on.

So how does one get involved? Some examples:

  • Help to generate and refine content for the Artawa website (such as event & venue reviews)
  • Assist with discovering and posting opportunities like calls for artists, grants, etc.
  • Create your own events – be someone who makes art happen here!
  • Volunteer at the art events of others
  • Be creative and suggest your own path to us – we’re open to other ideas. 🙂

Generally speaking – just reach out to us and have a dialog if you’re interested. We’re easy to find.

Events Calendar

The summary:

    Due to reasons beyond our control the events calendar will be removed.

The details:

    The software we used to integrate our calendar with Facebook events is no longer supported by Facebook – this means no new events can be added efficiently by us. To keep up to date on what’s going on in Artawa – Like and Follow our page here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/artawa.ca/

– Brad Nox & Kina Forney